Friday, 25 March 2011

Jawatan Kosong Swasta Malaysia Marine And Heavy Engineering (MMHE)


As a leading solution provider in the oil and gas construction and services, MMHE offers clients a one-stop centre in areas such as offshore/deepwater development facilities, marine repair services  of LNG, ULCC, VLCC repair work and conversions of FPSOs/FSOs. 

MMHE can provide you invaluable experience as we have the capabilities to construct offshore deepwater structures of up to 40,000 dwt, repair ULCC and VLCC vessels and one of the few yards in the world who are able to do LNG repair works.

As the company continues to expand, we require talented people to join us. There will be continuous training and learning opportunities as well as talent development to boost employees' capabilities and expertise. Your working environment will be challenging with attractive compensation and benefit packages.

If you have at least 3 years of relevant working experience in the oil and gas industry and semi-substructure experience, we invite you to meet us at :

Walk-In Interview

Tarikh :  27 March 2011 (Sunday)

1. Senior Project Manager
2. Project Manager
3. Construction Manager
4. Project Engineer
5. Sr. Executive, Project Planning
6. Manager, Mechanical/ Piping
7. Technical Executive, Mechanical
8. Sr. Technical Executive, Structural/ Architectural
9. Technical Executive, Electrical
10. Senior Manager, Design & Engineering
11. Technical Executive, Architectural
12. Technical Executive, Piping
13. Technical Executive, Mechanical
14. Technical Executive, PDMS
15. Technical Executive, Electrical/Instrumentation
16. Technical Executive, Accommodation
17. Technical Executive, Mechanical/Piping
18. Technical Executive, Structural/Civil
19. Sr. Technical Executive, Electrical/Instrumentation
20. Technical Executive, Electrical/Instrumentation
21. Executive, Bidding
22. Auditor (HSE)
23. Blasting Painting  Superitendent
24. Blasting Painting Coordinator (QA/QC)
25. Blasting Painting Inspector
26. Budget & Expenditure Executive
27. Contract Administrator
28. Contract Engineer/Qs
29. Dimensional Surveyor
30. E&I Inspector
31. Electrical & Instrument  Engineer - MC/ Commissioning
32. Electrical Engineer (Construction)
33. Electrical Engineer (D&E)
34. Engineer (Transportation & Installation)
35. Engineering Coordinator
36. Facilities & Rigging Coordinator
37. HSE Officer
38. Instrument Engineer - Commissioning
39. Instrument Engineer (Construction)
40. Instrument Engineer (D&E)
41. Lead Construction Progress Tracking (CPT)
42. Lead Contract Engineer
43. Lead E&I Inspector
44. Lead Hse Coordinator
45. Lead Information & Office Support
46. Lead Information Management (Project Services)
47. Lead Material Feeder
48. Lead Onshore/Offshore Comp. Mgmt System (OCMS)
49. Lead Piping Inspector
50. Lead Structural Inspector
51. Material Coordinator
52. Mechanical (Rotating) Mechanical Completion Engineer
53. Mechanical (Static) Mechanical Completion Engineer
54. Mechanical Engineer - Commissioning
55. Mechanical Engineer (Construction)
56. Mechanical Engineer (D&E)
57. Mechanical Inspector
58. MPI Inspector
59. MPI/DPI Coordinator
60. MPI/PT Coordinator
61. NDT Coordinator
62. Piping  Engineer (Construction)
63. Piping Engineer - Comm
64. Piping Engineer (D&E)
65. Piping Inspector
66. Piping Superintendent
67. Planner
68. Procurement Coordinator
69. Project Material Coordinator (E&I)
70. Project Material Coordinator (Piping)
71. QA /QC Coordinator
72. QA Engineer
73. Radiography Testing (RT) Coordinator
74. Scaffolder Coordinator
75. Structural Engineer (Construction)
76. Structural Inspector
77. Structural Superintendent
78. Trainer (HSE)
79. UT Coordinator
80. UT Inspector
81. Welding Engineer
82. Workpack Engineer

1. Secretary, Finance & Planning (KL)
2. Senior Manager, Project Accounting (KL)
3. SM, Strategic Planning & Buss. Dev / Buss. Research & Evaluation (KL)
4. Executive, Analysis Reporting, Finance (KL)
5. Manager, Buss. Development & Evaluation
6. Executive,  Buss. Dev. & Evaluation
7. Manager Strategic Planning & Business Research
8. Executive,  Strategic Planning & Performance
9. Executive,  Process Change
10. Executive,  Capability Development
11. Legal Counsel
12. Technical Executive, Certification, Documentation & Drawing
13. Technical Executive, Civil Infrastructure
14. Manager, Expediting
15. Executive, Material
16. Executive, Subcontract & Services
17. HR Executive

Time: 8.30am - 5.00pm
Venue: Hotel Selesa, PasirGudang, Johor

You may also submit your application to: 

Recruitment Section
Malaysia Marine And Heavy Engineering Sdn Bhd 
PLO 3, JlnPekeliling, P.O.Box 77, 81750 PasirGudang, Johor, Malaysia.

Please include a detailed resume, your contact number and a recent passport-sized photo with your application. Please indicate the position in the top left hand corner of the envelope. 

For more information, email:  or visit


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The main reason that people are not finding a job is not because there are no jobs. It is because of their attitude. The majority of job-seekers have not put themselves in the right frame of mind to do the work needed that will lead them to a becoming employed.

It takes work to become employed; you have to treat the job search like a job, as they say. Recent studies show that the average time currently being spent in job-search is 40 minutes a day. Yes, only forty minutes! Most people are spending more time watching TV or playing a video game than they are doing activities that will lead them to work.

This can be the result of their attitude and the “there are no jobs out there” thinking. People stop themselves and use limiting and forecasting beliefs that there are no jobs available or that they won’t get hired. They listen to the news – TV and print-which sell depressing information about the economy. They believe that this is true and stop any job-search activities. This all-or-nothing thinking creates a defeatist attitude which then leads to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. A search on lists over 190,000 job openings. These do not cover jobs that are unadvertised or on company websites. Researching this information is imperative for job seekers to help them understand what is out there; this will then help them to define the type of position they want and to plan out the steps needed to go after them. Having a good resume that profiles your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), or the great skills that are inherent in you, is a must as well as being prepared for the interview. Bottom line – you have to be ready to showcase you. And this is where most people slow down or stop job search activities. They become almost paralyzed with dread and fear of not being “good enough”. Whatever the reason, their attitude prevents them from job hunting. It does get harder day-after-day, especially if you have been unemployed for long period of time. Changing one’s attitude is difficult, at best. There are brain-based reason why this occurs. But changing your attitude is part of the work you need to do as part of your job search; in fact, this should be the first step you take. It will set the course for how you proceed and for how you continue until you reach that job. Here are some quick ways to take an “attitude check” and think more positive. Your career depends on it:

1. Take your pulse. This is where you take some time to review and reflect on your thoughts and feelings, which includes how you feel about finding a job, your fears and blockages that may be holding you back and what you want for your future.

2. Review your post. How have you handled challenges in the past: have you sat back and waited for the situation to pass or have you pushed forward? Again, what were the roadblocks and how you move past them?

3.Set the intention. Take time to decide what you want and how you will use your strengths to achieve them. Write them down, make them visible and say them frequently so they become part of your daily language.

4. Make a plan. Write down, on a calendar or white board, the various ways of how you will plan your days to look for a job. Remember, there are many other ways than just sitting at a computer on a job board. Be sure to include “me time” or activities you can do to keep your physical and emotional level up.

5. Visualize your future. Paint the picture of that job you want; put your job log in a place where you will see it; write down on index cards or post-it notes motivational phrases to get you motivated.

Doing these activities will help you to retrain your brain from negative to positive and give you the edge to continue your job hunt. They also can become good habits to take into the future to make you a great employee!

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